Moving Jet Bridge Alert System

First and foremost, if there is a similar feature request, please let me know.

Onto the good stuff…

Recently I have been having these thoughts and I don’t really know the technical term so this would be helpful so others can understand.

When seeing an aircraft arrive at it’s gate and they shut down, the jet bridge comes alive and starts to move towards the aircraft, you notice these small things. You can hear a bell ringing and you see on top of the jet bridge a flashing yellow/red light.

What I am asking for is exactly that, once you click Ground Services and Connect Jet Bridges, I would love to see the light on the jetway start flashing or hear the sound of a bell ringing indicating the bridge is now moving.

Now, this won’t really affect how the game is played and what I mean by that is, it is more of a visual/sound thing that adds to realism.

How it could work

  • The flashing light could be the same as the beacon light of an aircraft and you could re-code it to a different color (I do not know if that is how coding works)

  • The sound could be an individual sound for one player (kind of like how jet bridges work, it is only heard by you)

I think that is all for now, I hope either devs see this or others see this and voices their opinion on this. And if anyone knows the technical name for this please let me know.

Opinions or other ideas to make this request better would be greatly appreciated too.

That is all folks!

Not sure if this is similar to this topic

This topic only covers the sound. Here it also features the lights.

Already requested in the feature request listed above, thanks.