Moving ground vehicles

Hello, I am really new here to this features category but I do have an idea maybe some would like it and maybe some wont. Anyway my idea is we could have moving ground vehicles to make the airport look more alive and realistic. What I am talking about is moving vehicles like catering trucks on the road way moving around. This idea comes from x plane mobile, they do have moving ground vehicles.
Why this would be good!

  1. Creates a more alive airport affect
  2. Makes it feel like ground vehicles don’t spawn out of nowhere when you request them
  3. Creates a more diverse affect instead of it just being flying only
  4. Makes an airport look more busy then dead
  5. If you’re alone at a airport you with no other aircraft it would give you a sense of feel that they airport is busy

This would be something awesome to add but I’m there are more important things people would like at this time. Thankyou for reading!

Do you know, I almost made the same topic as you, which is about “Driveable apron bus”. 😄Maybe your post represents my idea. This is well great idea. For my idea, it’s more like an airport apron bus that moves and we can drive it. Not all vehicles in the airport. so

By the way, i’m not sure how about the processor performance especially if the airport object is moving, during heavy traffic… nvrmnd😏.


I like this idea. I am however, seeing an issue.

If this were to happen, would this need to be synchronized with the Live Server so anyone around you can see what you are seeing?

If so, the game itself has yet to be synchronized to the Live Server for Bridges and such. And on top of this, the device performance? How would this affect device performance?

These are just things I am thinking about.

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In my idea I think it would be synced to the server but as I said I’m not requesting this and instead once the big things are out this is just a small idea.

I know Xplane has this, where you see cars/trucks driving around, the tug drives to you, but I do agree just to liven the airport a bit more.

But should say that before this if we can get the landing lights and strobes to show on the ground since now we have taxi lights

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I will call for your deduction skills real quick, do you think the development team has not thought of that yet?

I won’t answer the question as I’m, not 100%, but more around 99.99% sure it’s currently in the works.

You can spare you vote and patience will surely reward you.

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Great idea, but just imaging if they glitched and went across the runways XD

X Plane mobile has (at the moment) more eye candy BUT, it has poor performance even on high spec devices. Its jumpy and erratic and actually unrealistic. All the AI ground vehicles come at a price to processor performance.

They move around unrealistically.
Adding a fuel truck that adds fuel and ground power that actually “powers” the aircraft is ok

Lets see what project metal brings to the table
may IF can do then what you suggest much better !

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This would be a good idea for ground vehicles to move. This would mean when requesting Ground Services such as pax, catering, cargo, and ground power, there would be those vehicles that would move to the aircraft from their original location instead of spawning in out of nowhere. At 3D airports, obviously there would be a jet bridge that would connect to the aircraft and ground vehicles connecting to the aircraft instead of them spawning and despawning. This would make the game more realistic and more eagerly for me to play then flying to an airport or spawning in an airport with nothing. How about that


This is a nice idea but there’s one thing I worry about

In RFS they have this but the ground vehicles keep run through buildings and planes. What if they do this on IF?