Moving from grade 3 to grade 4

I’m not sure whether to put this in General or Support. If I’m putting it in the wrong one, let me know so I can fix it. Anyway, I am moving from grade 3 to grade 4, but I don’t know how long it takes. I have all of my stats that are required for grade 4. I just don’t know when it will show grade 4, as it has been about a month now. Anyone’s help can be very much appreciated.

There’s things that you’re not showing there. Scroll further down :)


Looks like you need to wait until 7 days after your last level 1 violation.

Oh ok does that need to be within the 90 days?

No, you just can’t have any level 1 violations within the last 7 days.

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Of course, if you get too many your landing to violation ratio could also make it to where you can’t advance. But, looks like you are good right now.

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