Moving from Android to iOS

Hi i lately moved from andriod to ios, on my android i bought £40 worth of planes and now on ios i have none that i paid for. Can i get them on my ios as i cant rebuy them?

Unfortunately you cannot restore your purchases made on Android.


You have to re buy them

Thanks for the support post. Unfortunately the only thing that can transfer from Android to Apple is a Live Subscription. If you have Live+, our annual subscription, your aircraft and regions will transfer because they’re included in the subscription.

If you do have an active subscription, please privately send me your old username/callsign followed by your new username/callsign and I’d be happy to merge your accounts so that you can keep your Live subscription. Best wishes,



It’s just like if you buy games for your Playstation, you can’t transfer them across if you buy an Xbox. I don’t know why people think differently when using mobile devices.


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