Moving content from Android to IOS

I have IF on my Android tablet, and I am going to get a new iPhone soon, so I was wondering if there was a way to transfer my content that I purchased on Android to my phone. I am signed in with Google on my tablet. If so, how? Thanks, and happy holidays!.


There is no way to get the individual planes you have purchased to your new iPhone. Purchases stick with your Android or Apple account.

Your Live Pro subscription should transfer when you sign in with your facebook or google account, so you will have all your stats still.

Sorry about that :/

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Purchases made on the App Store or the Google Play Store are non transferable between platforms so the App will need to be purchased again on the iPhone. The pro subscription, if you have one can be used on any device, so just sign in. In app purchases are also non transferable but that won’t matter if you have a pro subscription. If you need anymore help PM me.

Well, I purchased IF on my iPod touch so I can just redownload it with my App Store account. As for the planes, I might as well just purchase a monthly Pro Subscription. $10 a month isnt that bad. Thanks for your help

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Oh, well, I’ll just purchase a Pro Subscription, then. All the planes, scenery and global access won’t hurt lol. Thanks for the help!

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