Moving Cockpit Chairs ...

Vehicle Operations Courses suggest that good drivers move around to minimize blind spots so stating that everyone is the same height in IF so a fixed center point suffices simply minimizes the users abilty to minimize blind spots and those hard to see areas when flying in IF. The OP is looking to maximize the users POV in the IF cockpit in lieu of the fixed representation that you speak of.

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I believe you mean Quotations. 🙃
Nice request!

Awesome request! I really like to do full cockpit flights but often times have to switch to a wing view to view the scenery. This would solve that problem!

Agree with this. My flights on some a/c are especially painful since the seats are too low.

They both mean the same thing 😉
This is a good request, but I feel it’s one of those things we don’t need :)

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That is why I am saying to place it on the next aircraft and see how much use it gets, before placing it in pre-existing aircraft


I think they should do this too because then it will probably be easier to reverse it if people don’t like it.

Yes, the chairs do not need to move, however, a noise would be nice just to add a little realism

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Yep! Realism is key in a successful flight sim like IF.


Yes i would love to look down more when cruising

This request, which I love, doesn’t necessarily need to be about the ‘seats’. Forget ‘coding’ or the graphics of the seat moving…

It’s simply allowing you to move the cockpit camera in a ‘strafe’ fashion up and down (whilst in cockpit mode), rather just swinging left, right, up and down from a single centred point. This feature exists in PC Sims. It also already exists in the current ‘drone’ style cam view (don’t know the real name) that we already have, so it couldn’t be too difficult to implement into the cockpit view

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My thoughts exactly - however, this method/justification, would at least make it more realistic. Like killing two birds with one stone

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I feel this is unnecessary for some reason i can’t seem to explain

Thanks for the useful feedback - if you want to give a reason for your dislike, please leave a comment


Sorry - missed your response. Yes, I always start a flight with the intent of a whole cockpit flight. Eventually I get bored through, and just switch to normal. This way you can really look around and enjoy that fabulous global scenery.

This kinda reminds me of X-Plane 11 where you can move around in the cockpit, except in IF you would be moving a seat not flying around the controls.

Yes thats would be the ideal situation. However, of that is too complicated/time consuming a move up/down with a mechanical noise playing

Yeah I guess you would have to put in more detail even where the dots for alignment are at because I’m pretty sure they are 2d

This feature has to be implemented. For large aircraft, taxiing on to smaller taxiways can be difficult, especially with a bad angle from the cockpit… Voted.

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This feature would make flying the Boeing 717 so much easier from the cockpit. Right now, the camera angle is way to low. If is so hard to see over the glareshield and makes it harder to taxi. We definitely need this feature to suite different people’s needs!