Moving Cockpit Chairs ...

I am venturing into #features one again for another “issue” I hold near and dear to my heart. So without further adieu, here we go;
The "Problem"
Now I use inverted commas here as this is not really an issue just a feature which does not match the real world. When taxing, you can not see the nose of the plane or the immediate vicinity of your aircraft. This is annoying and makes taxing difficult (for me at least).

The Solution
In real life, the cockpit chair has a four - way movement system. One button goes up, one goes down and left to right. This way we can move the chair to our heart content and see whatever we want. This would make both taxing easier and the game more realistic.

sorry that I could find a picture or video of this, if any real world pilots have one, please send it to me.

This could be played in the Actions menu which can be seen in the C-130 for door controls. However, it would only be accessible in cockpit view, as to not clog up the rest of menus.

This could be tested on the MD11/DC10 to see how much use it would actually get. If it is good, then it could slowly be implemented , plane by plane until we have it on all aircraft.

I am not expecting much, mostly because I know FDS are hard at work with Global but I would still love to see this in the simulator someday.

Hope you agree :)

I searched for a duplicate but could not find one.

this would be really cool actually! In some aircraft, the camera is at an uncomfortable position and allowing us to adjust would fix that (cough cough B717, A330)


This is only because pilots have different heights IRL, in IF every single pilot is the same height. Your chair is already centered where it needs to go making no reason to adjust it.

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The pilots adjust the height of the seat for all manor of reasons - not just height. Also, this is a game and perhaps I want to see something else, to make my experience more enjoyable :)


No not necessarily. Pilots use it to adjust their seat to the perfect angle so they can see their PFD’s and the outside at the same time.

Watch this video by CaptainJoe. It explains more of positioning in the cockpit:


Except because in IRL every pilot is a different height and size, in IF you don’t need to adjust because when they model the cockpits, especially on newer craft the seat is centered at the height needs to go. Many crashes have resulted because pilots didn’t set their seat to the required angle and couldn’t see aircraft ahead and ran into them. In this game they are already centered where they need to go.

In the a320 also the camera isn’t perfectly aligned with the eye position indicator. This feature would fix that

*the red is supposed to overlap the white. That means you are perfectly alighted with the PFD’s and outside


MaxSez: “Movable Seats”! I thought I saw them all. Let me suggest you try Cockpit View or Aircraft View when pushing or taxi, they give either a 180* or a full 360* respectively!


I like the realism of a full cockpit flight. Also, this once again, brings the sim closer to real life.

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That specific issue could always certainly and or promptly be simply fixed in an upcoming update if ever deemed necessary…

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But different people have different wants/ preferences, this way we all get to choose :)

Eh, fair point then ;)

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Yes! You earned a vote! If FSX has this option, then IF should too!

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Glad to hear it, I hope this can be a successful feature request!

Yes! Love this feature request! When I got to go into an A380’s cockpit the captain told me this is the most fun we get.

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Interesting idea, but I’d imagine there’d be a lot of code involved. Also, would the 3D-modeled chairs move too? Even more code. But perhaps the Devs could make the cockpit camera similar to the free camera, centered around the point in the cockpit where it is now, and able to move like a foot in any direction around said point. Just an idea.

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That is not a bad idea etheir! Great that you thought of that :)

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Yes my idea didn’t really require the chair to move. But an automated sound would be nice, however, no essential!

Great to hear - hopefully a dev will see this :)

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I really like this idea however I am out of votes! Sorry, I hope aswell that this is seen by a Dev!