movement landing and takeoff

I would like to know the movement it makes when landing from the realistic moving booth, I have seen several videos that do that movement but ami not because?

ami does not make me that move

I’m confused - could you explain what you mean by this:

I’m assuming that this is referring to different camera views.

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when you take off and land the movement it makes and the sound of rolling down the runway

So you want to see and hear your aircraft from a “cinematic” point of view per say?

Fair enough - @ALCO could you confirm this?

not the view, the turbulence that makes when landing from the inside view

Do you mean the camera shaking during takeoff and landing? That’s a third party app called In-Flight Assistant.

He wants to simulate the vibrational motion of takeoff and landing.

if just that

I have to activate it, I have the complete

If you need to activate it, open the app and press the co-pilot button, then you click the shaky cam button and click the Enable switch, make sure it is glowing orange. By doing that, you will turn shaky cam on, and just to the same to turn it off.

@Levet Can you move this to #support or #thirdparty?

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in android does not leave that option

Oh, shaky cam is not an option for android yet. It is coming soon. @ALCO

I would recommend contacting @epaga, he is the creator and head developer of the app.

You can also look at this page: In-Flight Assistant - Bring your Infinite Flight experience to a new level! V-Speeds, GPWS, PA, and more! - #2267

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