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11 Pilots Needed!


Hello everyone,

Today Air Force One will take flight but it needs transport we will need many planes to fly with.

Air Force One will be flying from Tokyo Narita to Joint Andrews Air Force Base outside Washington D.C.

Air Force One will need a decoy Air Force One, one KC-10 tanker, Two C-17 Globemasters, and Two of every fighter jet. Please make sure you keep enough space in between aircraft for the autopilot.



Gate Aircraft Callsign Pilot
Remote Gate 505 VC - 25 Air Force One @Delta18
Remote Gate 504 VC - 25 Air Force Two
Remote Gate 503 A - 10 USAF1
Remote Gate 502 A - 10 USAF2
Remote Gate 501 C - 17 USAF3 @Apollo_Yuh
Remote Gate 508 C- 17 USAF4
Remote Gate 509 F - 16C USAF5
Remote Gate 510 F - 16C USAF6
Remote Gate 511 F - 14 USAF7
Remote Gate 512 F - 14 USAF8
Remote Gate 601 F - 22 USAF9
Remote Gate 605 F - 22 USAF10
Remote Gate 600S KC - 10 USAF11
Remote Gate 600R KC - 10 USAF12 @VH-VCQ

(More Spaces Can Be Added.)

Server: Expert Server


Airport: RJAA - KADW

(Flight plan to be copied while at gates)

Time: 2020-06-29T05:00:00Z

(Please Spawn in 10 minutes early.)

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@AviationFreak @FLIGHT2 @DanyyRude

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2 hours until pushback! We need pilots!

Dosent that mean we must be active for over 12+ hours?

No not that close of a formation just close enough to look like we are flying together not very spread out.

Yeah but a F22 cant make it that far

That’s why we have a KC-10

Yes but then you must be active to Refuel

True but for some people this will be during the day and they will be or they can do it in the morning.

Yep I cant, Ima fly to Memphis

Ok no problem

Ight, Enjoy your flight never the less

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As said in the other one, I will be a KC-10 in ramp O

Cool glad you can still make it

Yeah lol just finished my tennis

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Also if you want you can invite others I’m not sure if we will get enough people.

I mean, all we need is one VC-25, one F22 and two KC-10’s, since I will drop out half way

Yeah it just would be more enjoyable with a whole group.

I would 100% join
But I just can’t
I can not for the life of me fly in formation :(

i tried in outer events, i can’t sorry

Also because I am doing flight

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It’s not a real formation I just want the planes closer than other flights.