Move the Brake Button

Tried to post in features but couldnt so if a mod could move this I would appreciate it. I wanted to request the devs consider moving the “Brakes” button from the right side of the screen to the left, under the throttle control. I think this would make turns on the ground a lot easier. Currently when you want to change speed whilst in a turn, you have to take your thumb off of the rudder, causing the wheels to jump to straight ahead position, tap brakes, and turn the wheels again. This is due to both controls being controlled by your right thumb. If it were on the left, you could apply and remove brakes at will while maintaining a constant angle on the front wheel which would greatly improve turning ability. Anyone else like to see this?

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Hey Josh, the reason you can’t post in #features is because you’re a basic user. Please wait until you become a member to post in #features. You can become a member by reading topics and making topics. #support isn’t for #features, it’s for when you’re having an issue in Infinite Flight. :).


With your thumb on the brake, slide it down. See if that helps you. Also my throttle is on the left, it may be due to your device size.

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