Move subscription to a fresh account

Helo guys I just want to ask that can I move my subs to new freshly account? Just move sub not the stats…
Thanks in advance…

please move this to #general as this is not a technical issue with the app

I do not think so but I am not 100% sure

contact @schyllberg and discuss that with him.

How long is left on your subscription? You could cancel the subscription. When it expires, create a new account and get the subscription. You might have to contact support ( to swutch accounts to create a new one.

@schyllberg not sure if you were tagged by this one 👆

I was, but the OP have yet to make a beep so I’m just watching (:


my subs until this 18th. is I cancel the subs it won’t loss? because I need to move it, not yet to pay new sub because it’s still left…

How, can it be done?

It can not I’m afraid. Your subscription is tied to your account.
Why would you like to do this to begin with?

Yeah is tied but is possible to move?
Maybe I just need to make and build a new account😁