Move RUD a bit to the left

This might be pretty hard to explain but I’ll try.
When turning to the left during taxi the rudder can be fully turned to the left, but when you turn right it can’t be fully turned.
It can be annoying especially with heavies.


Screenshots would be nice.

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Well, its not that easy as I’m 200+ km away from my iPad.

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Oh, can you tell me which aircraft? I can try it out.

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Any aircraft but it is easiest to try on any heavy plane.

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Okay I’ll try it on an A380.

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That’s what’s happening to me 😱

What? The rudder just goes to its normal position because the screen ends there.

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Yep it’s happening to me. I have noticed it before but I always thought it was just me. @The_Greatest_Basket

Moving rudder slider to left gives full 90deg wheel motion:

Moving rudder slider to the right does not reach full 90deg:


i dont think so its just a normal controling either a light plane or a heavy plane

I’ve had this problem many times. One side will get a full rudder movement while the other gets a 3/4 of that.


Oh yeah, thanks for doing that. That’s right, I think the devs should look into this.

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Exactly what I meant, thank you.


To turn full right grab to the left of the rudder slide. Don’t start in the middle or it won’t fully turn.

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That actually works as well, but IMO it would be easier if it would be moved a bit to the left.

I tried that and it doesn’t work.

Look, I think it’s a problem with the slider itself. When I slide left, the right rudder pedal alligns with the horizon line perfectly.

When I slide the rudder right, the left pedal doesn’t quite go as far as the other one, but it’s close.

This is a 787-9.

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Yea, and this is why I always fail to align myself with the runway or a taxiway.

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Can the nose wheel turn a full 90 degrees though (in real life)?