Move manual brakes to throttle side


I find it awkward having the manual brakes tied too and below the rudder slider. Could the manual brakes be moved to the bottom of the throttle slider so once the reverse thrusters cut out, the manual brakes kick in?

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I would like if they put a speedbrake lever that can be activated inflight.


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This. It’s enough to slow you down (though you should ideally plan your descent so you don’t need to use it). Full extension of speed brakes in flight is not something you’d actually do. You’d probably impose a catastrophic performance penalty or extreme stress on a wing and crash. Which is why it’s not available on IF (except for aforementioned Flight mode) and not really available on real-life aircraft either, to the best of my knowledge


Not sure how my post got sidetracked(?), but to get it back on track, I would like to add that taxiing would be much easier by having the manual brakes tied to the throttle slider instead of the rudder slider.


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Cool, thanks :) Always something new to learn. Back to you, Thomas :)


Not sure how that would make things easier, I like having one side dedicated to the throttle. (tablet)


I strongly agree. It’s hard to taxi with the rudder and brake with the same thumb sometimes - usually when stopping mid turn prior to hold short lines etc.

I also find it difficult when landing in strong crosswind using the rudder and trying to brake with a single thumb!


If they change this it will be so much easier I find it annoying and I use up a bit more runway because of transition


I strongly suggest that rudder button to be added in the 2nd page too ( where you have the tabs for lights)…its there in push back but dissappears after that…it will be very useful when taxing in and taxiing to parking as well


Yes … please move the manual brake to the bottom of the throttle slider … that would make some things much easier.
Great idea!


I understand that the reason the manual brakes are tied to the rudder is so that you don’t have to remove your thumb from the rudder in order to slow down.
But it becomes awkward to control the rudder when you have to pull and hold the slider to the bottom of the device in order to use the manual brakes.


I think that there should be a percentage of braking just like percentage of thrust.
I don’t like how fast the airplane slows down, not realistic.

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