Move from grade 3 to grade 4

Well, I wanted to report a Bug, I don’t know. It turns out that I had 98 landings and there were only 2 Landings to go up to Grade 4. I made circuits, for a total of 3 landings. And when I went to look, the number of landings decreased to 91. I didn’t understand

I hope you can help me😃👍🏼

This could be due to old landings reaching the 90 day mark and getting removed


I spent a while without simulating and fell to Grade 3 and there is not even a month that fell to Grade 3. I only know that I made the touch and rush and did not go up. did was decrease from 98 to 91🤷🏻‍♂️

You need to look at the total landings to see if it’s not counted properly, since the one called Landings (90 days) constantly change depending on previous activity.


I had dropped to grade 3 a few days ago. and I was making the flights until it arrived in 98. And about 20 minutes ago I made 3 rings and runs and instead of going up to 101 landings and going to grid 4, it decreased to 91 Landings

Which can be perfectly normal depending on your landing activity the previous 90 days.


Ho ok. But I still thank you. go make more flights. Anything I will contact. Can close the topic😃👍🏼

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