Movable Yoke on Replay Mode

Hey Team, I just happened to complete a flight and hopped onto replay mode to grab a few shots and accidentally stumbled upon this:


Apparently I was able to control the movement of the yoke when I was tilting my phone, although I was on the replay mode. I initially thought it was a minor glitch but it still seems to persists.

Steps Taken:

  1. Shared replay file from my Android Tab (Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 [2016]) to my IPhone X

  2. Opened shared replay on IPhone X

  3. Vigorously tilted IPhone in all angles and found out the Yoke reacts to live movements although being on the replay mode

Aircraft: B777-200ER

If this has already been brought up then please kindly let me know and I’ll flag this topic for closure, if not then it would be great if this could be looked upon!

i get this problem on other aircrafts too… even without sharing the replay

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This is a known issue with replays. Sharing does not matter in this case.

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Alright Thanks for the Quick Response! Is there a fix that is being worked upon at this moment?

is the team working on a fix or something or is there no info about that…?

This is on the list of things to be fixed. No status has been given.


Roger that Chris! Feel free to close this if Required.

We will keep you posted if a fix is made.