Mouse Support?

Hey fellow members!

I just conducted a session on my Tracking Thread using entirely mouse simply plugging it into my Tab S6 using a cable. My question is not how did I never know about this but will support be improved in the future for the scroll wheel because as of now it does not work and it would be useful to scroll in and out the map and up and down the commands list.

Thanks all & Happy Flying :)

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Holy crap, as a Tab S6 controller I never knew this was a thing. Could I get a brief tutorial on how to do that by any chance?

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Yes although it does not answer my question. Get a connector cable (I think mine is a USB/OTG one). Then get a mouse which connects to a computer via USB and plug it in to the other end of the cable and it should connect automatically, you get a cursor and everything :P

Cign :)

I imagine Bluetooth will work as well I will try later.

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Woah it’s that simple, thanks! Hope you can get your question answered by a dev!

Just saw Laura “playing” Infinite Flight with a mouse

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This is most likely using a modified software by the developer, and for developer testing 🙃


Yeah that’s what I thought. Wanted to share here anyways because it’s related to the topic 🙂

Nope it’s possible, I did it.

I want to know if support will be upgraded. So scroll will be possible

Good spot btw I did not notice!

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They use an Infinite Flight pc version

I might just PM Laura to ask because clearly no one else knows (flagged for closure)


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