Mouse Support?

Hi all.
I am curious to know if it is possible to use a mouse as a joystick for LiveFlight connect? (Windows.)

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In the topic below, Laura says that you can connect mouses, but Bluetooth ones.

Follow the instructions there and you should be good to go! (If you have a Bluetooth mouse)

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Thanks, could you mention where she says it so I can navigate there easier?

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From the top, step 4.

Yeah, I’m on IOS so I don’t think it works.

Hmm, have you tried using LiveFlightConnect?

I am using LiveFlight connect

Then did you try the steps in the thread I linked? Regardless if it’s for joysticks, if you can pair a keyboard, you might be able to pair a mouse.

It’s not picking up my mouse.

Then it’s likely that it’s not supported.

I’d PM @Cameron to see if LiveFlight supports mouses.

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Not sure if this applies to you, but with iPadOS you can natively pair a Bluetooth mouse. Have attached a useful article:

I just realised that my mouse isn’t bluetooth, its just wireless. O well.

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