Mountains + Planes = Spotting @KDEN

Hello everyone and welcome back to my second ever spotting topic and second ever time spotting. Today I headed back to DIA to get some sweet shots of aircraft landing on the 16’s and 17’s. This time the weather was much better, and the sky was blue!!! Enjoy!

B767? Delta?!

Here she is, the second largest domestic aircraft operated here at DIA, and the largest domestic aircraft operated by Delta into Denver. Today I was lucky enough to catch her landing on the 17’s with the mountains in the background. She was inbound from JFK!

Blue on Blue

Here is N8528Q a B737-800 operated by Southwest!! Inbound from Philadelphia, she later departed to who knows where cause FR24 wasn’t telling me…

Fresh Paint

Here we have N488UA, an Airbus A320 that was recently painted into the new United Livery! Inbound from Raleigh Durham, she later departed to SNA @Thunderbolt’s home airport!


Here is N652BR, a CRJ200 inbound from Minot, North Dakota, and then went to Colorado Springs!!


Here is N37422 a Boeing 737-900ER inbound from Cleveland, oHiO


Probably my favorite plane ever, the B757. N17133, inbound from Newark had an oh so greasy landing, before parking and heading to Hawaii!!

Other Baby Bus!

N897UA, the baby bus of the United fleet is an A319, inbound from Windsor Locks!

Grey plane with colors

Here is American Airlines with their cheesy boarding announcements, inbound from Dallas, N157AA had an acceptable landing, before parking and continuing back to Dallas.

California Liv’n

From the sunny beaches and warm weather of California, N36476 was inbound from its routine service from LAX, before going North West to Portland.

I found something!

Here is something I found, idk what routes it flies, but it looks like a supper comfortable aircraft!! Im just kidding I believe this is a dummy aircraft for the firefighters at the airport to practice their skills!

A little something extra

Here is a bunny that kept me company and actually sat next to me the whole time!! I named them Hops!

I hope you all enjoyed, I went to 112th and 114th avenue in Denver Colorado to get these shots, I used a Cannon idk which kind but I used a cannon. I hope you all enjoyed!!! See ya next time!


Love the mountains in the back


Nice shots, the mountains in the background give the photos a little extra spice lol

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Beautiful, Perfect 👌

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Super cute 😍😍

Btw, back to the topic, nice spots!!!


Great photos, Connor. The mountains in the background make the pictures look stellar. I can’t wait to see future spotting photos of yours.

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Thanks sm @ToasterStroodie means a lot.

Thanks to everyone for the kind words as well!!

It seems you took my advice and didn’t shoot backlit (for the most part) and also spot on 120th I presume. Big step up from the last topic, good job!

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114th and 112th avenue!! I tried my best still leaning thanks Luke

Lucky you! Hopefully you didn’t run into any police, which is why I go to 120th anyways

Yea no police lol 😂 we were very careful. 112th was definitely cutting it close.

I love the mountains! Adds a nice touch.

I looked up the destination of the Southwest and it looks like it went to Nashville.


Oooh neato

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Do you know how much zoom your lens has?

No I don’t, I can check for you tho.

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Ye if you could that’d be great

You would be correct, they have a similar one at KSEA

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