Mountains and Eva

Welcome all to another topic from me 😎

This topic’s flight is Eva Air 25 with service to Taipei from Seattle! I flew this 13 hour flight back a year ago in July! I took the northern route over Alaska and Japan. The other route is directly over the Pacific :)

The total flight time was 12 hours and 45 minutes operated by Eva Air’s 777-300ER!

An awesome departure out of Sea-Tac with Mount Rainier showing it’s glory! 🏔

An @Altaria55 type of shot cruising over Vancouver Island 🙃

Katmai National Park in Alaska is our next stop!

A perfect line of volcanoes in Fgbu Kronotskiy Gosudarstvennyy Zapovednik (Yes, that’s actually what this area is called)

More Moon over Southern Japan 🌕

I spotted at Taipei today!

I regret to inform my viewers that you all failed the quiz on my last topic, The answer was actually Hot Air Balloon 🎈

No quiz this time, but another coming soon!


Very nice edits! Well done!

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Very nice photos! The lighting is amazing!

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Not me, I guessed hot air balloon!

Great Photos, I really like the Moonshot and the last one, did you use the free cam for the last one? I tried to get a landing shot like that last week and it didn’t come out so well.


Great Photos Kamryn



Dat moonshot is so cool👁👄👁

🤩🤩🤩🤩love the shots


@ItsBlitz these are some phenomenal shots! Just letting you know though you speeled Rainier as Rainer :)


Thanks! Will change

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