Mountains - A natural wonder

Mountains - A natural Wonder

Have you ever looked out of the window, dropping your eyes towards the amazing natural environment that lies underneath you while you cruise at thousands of feet in the misty air? I know I have, and each flight is another story for me, with new areas to explore. Funny thing is, literally 80% of the time, regardless of flight I would look out of the window. Not everyone has a chance to get such a magnificent view off out mysterious and amazing planet we call earth. In my opinion, mountains are the most stunning natural biome/environment because of the snow that emphasises them. It really makes them stand out which catches the human eye.

On this flight, from Belgrade to Doha we had a slight different flight path heading south over Turkey. I don’t think I’ve seen such beautiful mountainous terrain ever on an aircraft… I also have some pictures from the same flight but from previous times.


Let me know your thoughts below on what you think about mountains!

As always, thanks for looking and see you around!


Hey everyone, here’s a small message because last topic there was some confusion.

I have clarification from Misha to post these things in #real-world-aviation:spotting. On my first topic, Misha moved it to Spotting even thought it isn’t technically spotting. If you’d like further clarification, please PM him, not me as I do not know any better.



Brilliant photos 😍😍

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Thanks a lot! I was absolutely fascinated by the terrain we flew over, it was seriously amazing!

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Those are stunning! My mind was blown when I flew over the Alps this summer when I was going from Barcelona to Vienna. I had never been over something so beautiful

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It’d be interesting to have a compare and contrast of these with what they look like in IF. What’s funny is - because of your recent topic - i thought these were IF shots. Which goes to show you how good IF scenery looks now if I can’t 100% tell the difference when looking at a topic.


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