Mountain Views with the DC-10

So today I was doing my nightly VFR flight. I took off at Anchorage intl airport in Alaska. So I took some really good mountain views with the DC-10. I think it was west of Vancouver. Check it out

Aircraft: DC-10/ Canadian Livery

Route: VFR

Sever: Training

These werethe only pictures I took during my flight. Unfortunately the DC-10 is a plane I don’t really like to take amazing pictures (The A350 is probably the best to do in my opinion 🤣). So I hope u enjoyed these pictures.


Oh, sounds fun if I didn’t want sleep on a weekend. 🤣

Cool plane nice bright pics. The mountains look really nice!


Thanks. I hope someday you can join me for my nightly VFR flight :)

Beautiful pics 👍😍


I gotta say, some of the best scenery i hv ever seen. Even the Himalayas cannot beat this.


Wow thank you for saying that :D

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