Mountain Vibes: SCEL-MMMX

So, I’ve made a 7:50h flight from Santiago de Chile to Mexico City in LATAM. Those airports have beautiful views from the mountains surrounding them. Here are some pics of my flight. (It’s very dark, but who cares)

  • Aircraft: B789
  • Depature: Arturo Merino Benitez Intl (SCEL)
  • Arrival: Lic. Benito Juarez Intl (MMMX)
  • Airline: LATAM Chile
  • Flight Time: 7:50h Aprox.

Last Call for LATAM 622 To Mexico City

¡Adiós Santiago! Goodbye Santiago!! 🇨🇱

La cordillera de Los Andes 😍

Moonshot Over Lima, Peru

Good Morning Mexico, Good Morning state of Oaxaca 🇲🇽

More mountains while descending. Can you find Popocatépetl? :)

Turning final for Runway 5R at MMMX in this tricky approach

Seconds Before Touchdown, seen from the RWY Threeshold.🛬

Parked at the Terminal 2 (LATAM operates here scince short time ago). Thanks all for joining in this flight with the mountains.

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Great moonshots!

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Thx :) (10 Word)

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I like it a lot

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