Mountain scenery

I want mountain scenery but I don’t where to go. Can you guys advice me some places please?

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The Rockies in the Western US, Canada and Alaska - beautiful!

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Thank you very much

Do you want to see mountains? Well fear not! Introducing Juneau, AK! Now rendered in the IF world, the scenery around this town and it’s airport is stunning! Not to mention the beautiful rivers and bays next to those mountains.

The Canadian Rockies in British Columbia are also awesome, as well as the US Rockies. The Himalayas and Swiss Alps are also great.


Try LOW in Austria lovely scenery and a challenging approach if you want a bonus 🇦🇹


Southern New Zealand is beautiful. Highly recommend it.

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Check out places like Krasnodar and Makhachkala. You’ve got beautiful mountains and sea there

NZQN, NZMC, NZTK, NZWF are all airports I would recommend :)

LOWI, NZQN, and PAJN are great for mountain scenery :)

east tennessee and the Carolinas have some good mountains! the great smoky mountains, that is! :)

Ehem, don’t forget Southwestern Virginia! The Peaks of Otter are fun. Fly out of KLYH or KROA and you’re there in minutes. :)

I personally love flying in mountainous terrain.
Here are a few airports that I really like and I think haven’t been mentioned:

VQPR : Paro International Airport - Really challenging approach, specially in an A320 !

SPZO : Cuzco, Peru - No late go around allowed !

LFLJ - Courchevel Altiport : French alpine destination, make sure you brake.

KJAC - Jackson Hole : Gorgeous scenery

Hope you like them !

Two areas I recommend to fly are Juneau, Alaska and the east side of Tajikistan. You can find many large and amazing mountains in both places. Alaska is pretty self-explanatory, it's Alaska!! Alaska is a popular place to fly in my opinion because of its mountains and glaciers. I highly recommend it.

I can describe East Tajikistan as being an Alaska in the Middle East because of it’s similar scenery to Alaska. Tall mountains with snow, sky blue waters, but the green grass is replaced with bright yellow sand. This place is not as popular as Alaska, but it’s worth the trip. It’s a place that I enjoyed and I hope you also enjoy fly to.

Juneau, Alaska:

East Tajikistan:


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