Mountain Resupply Spawn Now! @ L35 - 092100ZOCT16

Hello and welcome to Big Bear’s eighth event, today we will be delivering supplies in several ranches.

Credit to @AdamCallow for the pic.

Server: Training Server 2

Region: Southern California

Airport: L35

Time: 2100Z

Aircraft: Cessna 208

NOTAM: We will take off at L35 (Big Bear City Airport) and head to several ranches to deliver supplies, we will do Touch and Go on every airport on the flight plan

Flight Plan:

The flight plan will be updated 20 minutes before the event

#See You There!

Event Sponsored by Big Bear VA
Credit to @7405896A for this great event idea!


I can’t wait!

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Me too Adam!

Wish I could come, looks great!

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I wish i had live i will be flying this in solo though

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You should add these to route list it could be called Big Bear Cargo

I will be there

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gotta deliver them cases of liquor


damn right!

Hash:) I might be able to make it

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ill be there! i thinck

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See u there Ian!

30 minutes!

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MaxSez: I’m not much for VA’s but “Big Bear” got the right idea. They Aviate and don’t just punch point to point holes in the air. Watching!


I have a basic Flight plan

Spawn now!

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I have the basic flight plan

Yes you can!

Is everyone here? It’s TS2 right.

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