Mountain missing

Hello I have done a recent flight across northern alaska and canada. Mountains are flat not 3D. Will there be coverage so it is 3D and not a flat land. Alaska needs 3D mountains regions not 2D


Could you provide an image please?

If I am understanding you, this topic below should explain it, if not, an image is very much appreciated.


Great question as I was having the same experience just yesterday. After a quick review of that article I see that I was definitely north of the 60 degree latitude. Now I know why i didn’t see more mountains.

There’s a well known example of where the thousands-feet-high Canadian Rockies break off to a pancake just south of Whitehorse (CYXY) if anyone was interested in viewing this.


I wonder will it be ever be fixed

When data will become available in a way we can use, it will be fixed.