Mountain Mayhem in the 777

So this night’s VFR flight was probably the best one I have ever done in the 777. Enjoying the views made me love infinite flight so much more. Greatest flight I have ever had. I hope every likes my pictures. I think they are very beautiful.

Aircraft: Boeing 777-200LR/ Air India Livery

Route: VFR

Server: Expert

So Let’s start off at VIDP shall we? Here Starting out at the gate with 2 other Air India aircraft. One of them being a 747 and a 787. Both waiting for takeoff. Oh and their was also an Indigo A320

So after fueling up a bit for this flight and waiting for pushback clearance, I captured one of the most awful landings on the Expert server.( I may have to share the video on how he landed).

So with after that weird landing. I proceeded to taxi to the active runway. Unfortunately both ground and tower were closed so I had to use unicom. I had a really great departure with a 787 waiting

Now onto the best parts of the pictures. The mountains. These were the best pictures I could take with the 777. Such beautiful views of different parts of the world. I just have to love IF so much. Thanks to all the Devs for making such beautiful scenery.

So yeah these were the best pictures I took with the 777. Also let me know if I should post that bad landing. I don’t wanna make fun of the person. Instead, I just took a laugh instead of a insult. Again please don’t take it like I’m mean. I assure you I’m not like that. Just wanted a good laugh:)


i wanted to be a part of this event but joining expert today so was not able to. Hope you had a great time with the event. I did a flight from sydney to dubai instead. Looking at your pictures made me imagine i would have done the same thing. Well played buddy and also would love to know where you landed?


Beautiful Photos mate!

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Look beautiful with the mountain !😍


Thanks. I did wish you joined but I understand. And also I don’t land anywhere. During my VFR flights, I just let the plane go until I have to charge my tablet.

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that sounds fun as well. Although i just like to test my landings now and then on some bust atc nights.

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Idk why but there’s a lot of pic of the Air India b777

Sorry. Just wanted to get some good views or it

No I’m not saying that they are ugly, just saying that there a lot of people that fly this beast in this livery

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I like the first one, even with that 747 and 787 in background looks great

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beautiful photos

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