Mountain glitch?

So I was on approach to a airport (I forgot the name) when I guess you could say I had it in sight, but in reality I was seeing through the mountain. So you could kinda work out what happened, Luckily I had my gear down and slammed into the mountain and bounced off. Do you guys know what happened here? Not everyday you see a airport through a mountain

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This happens to many airports such as;


This is normal because IF lets you see where your airport is, even through terrain.


And what if I crash cause I didn’t see the mountain.

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I would suggest to look at approach charts for airports like that

It’s a scenery glitch. I believe i read somewhere they’re going to fix it but it’s not high on the list of things they have to do.


Apparently it’s a glitch introduced to fix another glitch (Z flighting) lol

Airports in IF are visible through terrain.

So this has happened many times. Like @AlphaSeven said, I’ve experienced it at St. Bartholomew. Honestly, pay close attention to charts. If something feels off, go around.

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Makes a lot more since even tho It was kinda hard to see the outline. Thanks.

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