Mountain Flying, With A Twist

Mountain Flying, With A Twist

Hi Everyone! My Goal Is To Become An Inverted Flight Expert. I will be using this “With A Twist” Series To Show My Improvements in Inverted Flying!

SAS A350

Air Force One

Ethiopian 777

Which one is your favorite?

  • SAS A350
  • Air Force One
  • Ethiopian 777

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I didn’t know they had mountains in Australia!

Jk, great photos!


Awesome photos! My favorite is the SAS A350. Just pease remember the one topic per day rule :)


Lol 😂, creative… What server did you do this on?

I liked the airforce because of the insane background :)

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It’s 11:30 PM for me, I’m just hoping for the mods to be chill and let this one count for the next day. I’m not gonna post a #screenshots-and-videos for the next few days anyways.

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I did this on solo mode :)

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LOTS of love for the 777, I see.

Did anyone survive?

I like them! It’s cool that it is upside down!

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Those are some unique photos!

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Let’s just say the AF1 callsign didn’t last the whole flight ;)

only the real ones know what i’m talking about

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