Mountain flying/Sightseeing around the Himalayans

Today @WeiYangAvgeek and I decided to do a very nice short flight to see if I can land the TBM-930 at Lukla. It ended up becoming a sightseeing flight around the Himalayans and we managed to fly next to Mount Everest which is cool.

Some nice details:
Training Server
TBM-930(IF Light livery)
Sightseeing flight
37 minutes

We start off looking at 2 planes…in a luggage cart?

@WeiYangAvgeek in the IF dark livery while the other guy takes off

Mount Everest

From here on its just us flying around mountains on our way back to Lukla

And then the main objective that started it all-landing a TBM-930 at Lukla. I can say it was more to a solid touchdown with little flare but it was successful.


Awesome photos and looks like a great flight!

THANKS BRO! Excellent mountainous flight! I scraped Mount Everest, and it was AMAZING!

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It was fun dodging mountains and flying over them lol

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Mmhm! Especially when you had to fly above 25000 just to escape tough snow-capped terrain!