Mountain fly out

                     Mountain fly out 

Welcome to the mountain fly out of eagle county regional (KEGE ). The fly out will begin at 12:30 mountain standard time. Only 10 gates so get one while you can. The flight will be on 2/03/2021.
Airline/airplane Username Gate 1: airbus a320 frontier,
Gate 2 : Boeing 717-200 delta.
Gate 3 : Boeing 737-700 United
Gate 4 : airbus a321 JetBlue
Gate 5 : Boeing 737 southwest canyon blue

Gate 6 : Bombardier CRG 700 American eagle
Gate 7 : Embair e170 jet blue
Gate 8 :airbus a321 spirit
Gate 9 : Boeing 737 700 south west heart
Gate 10 : Cessna citation private 9

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