Mountain bug

Always when I fly to an Airport behind a mountain, I can see the airport through it. I literally crashed 3 times because of that xD. But seriously, is there any way to fix that or is it a bug?
St. Barth approach:

This is a known issue and occurs with everyone where the airport renders thorough terrain.


Can I somehow fix it?

Unfortunately not at this time unless they ship an update which fixes this. Sorry about that! It is a known issue though.

It happened to me also as I was like 2 nm from the runway and all of a sudden the runway disappeared. I tried to “cleared cache” but still the same.

I just found old topics about it

That is a different issue. If you need assistance feel free to create a new topic through #support.

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Yep it’s been around for quite a while unfortunately. They are aware of it but it may not be the biggest of their priorities at this time.

Oh okay. I thought the same issue as I was about to land in VHHH and suddenly the graphics disappeared. Well if its known issue its okay.
Pretty sure our staffs will fix this soon :)



It’s a known issue as previously mentioned.
The reason it’s still there, is because it’s a very complex one.