Mountain Air Airport problem 2NC0

Hello I was going to fly out of mountain air airport with an xcub and so I got on the runway and I was in cockpit view and the plane started to rise but when I came out of the aircraft it was on the ground still, then when I put the throttle up the aircraft was barely controlable, like the ailerons and rudder didn’t really work, but at every other airport it works, this went on for the whole runway.

I’m not sure why, but it is happening to me too

Same airport?

Yep, I’m not sure why it’s behaving like this

maybe you’re going to slow for that height, yes it’s within the cubs max altitude but probably needs more speed for everything to properly work

Was it just the shadow that rose up?

If you use pilot view on the cub, you’ll see the view rise as you takeoff

It wasn’t because of the speed issue, 2NC0 is only at 4300 feet.

No it was the whole view. And I was at 0 kts.

Ahh the view when it goes outside the cockpit bug. Yeah, it has to do with your aircraft in relation to the terrain around you. Pretty sure it’s a known issue.

Yeah, so it looks like there’s some sort of disagreement in which there is invisible terrain that you can fly through, but the camera recognizes as a solid or something. I’m no tech expert, but this is just what I’ve seen from when I flew there :)

Well that sucks because it’s a very cool airport and I wanted try my hand at an xcub there.

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Mountain Air has a sloped runway IRL, Sloped runways are currently not in the game so the terrain may be messed up. There was an event there that I attended last year so i know what you mean.

ya but there is no problem at courchevel in the simulator.

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