Mount Fuji

Hey there! I’m planning a sightseeing flight and I would like to fly right over Mount Fuji! However I don’t know where in to locate it? Can anyone give me a route that flies over Mount Fuji of a waypoint that’s near Mount Fuji? Tysm!!


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I can get you a waypoint if that’s any good? You can import the file and use it as a waypoint from where you can create a route around it.

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Yup! That would be awesome @Collins4486! Thanks!

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I’ll get it for you now, two seconds.

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Here you go Lukas! Enjoy!

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Let me know if you can get it downloaded.

Edit: Yup that should be working as I tested it and got it up.

Thanks so much! It’s really appreciated!!!

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Topic can be closed btw

If you ever want to do something like this again or want to draw some Among Us picture in Infinite Flight… yes it’s been done… you can use Adam’s website found here:


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