Mount Denali and Surrounding Range not in 3D

Hi guys,

I have a small problem and I was hoping someone could help. I was doing a flight out of Fairbanks, Alaska this morning and headed towards Mt. Denali, the tallest Mountain in North America. When I got there, I found absolutely no 3D terrain were Denali and the surrounding mountains should have been. As you can see in these pictures, the ridges are visible, but don’t stick up:

I tried restarting the app but still had the same problem. Everywhere else I fly has 3D terrain, so I’m thinking it’s something with the servers and not my tablet. But just in case, I’m using a Samsung Galaxy Tab A (2015).

Thanks in advance!


It’s above the 60th parallel in terms of latitude. The imagery from these parallels are not accurate due to lack of proper satilite imagery.


If it’s above or below 60 degrees latitude it has no 3d terrain.