Moto G6 Play Lag

Hello, I came here to try to solve my problem, before the update that put the pilot puppets and co-pilot in some aircraft my machine was running the calm simulator without LAG in the graphics MEDIUM only after they put the pilot puppets and co-pilot my device started to give LAG in the aircraft that have the dolls, I tried to put the graphics in the LOW and it does not help much, I already cleaned the RAM and CACHE and rebooted the cell phone and it was not much use if I had an option to remove the dolls from the cabin help a lot in the LAG part and also do not see the need for the dolls.

Note: my phone is a Moto G6 Play
3GB of RAM 32GB of memory

Have you tried untilstalling and reinstalling the app?

Yes, several times.

A question: how old is your device? @CMDTDiego

will complete 1 year in July

How much storage does your device have left?

10gb free in memory

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Looking at your device specifications… I wouldn’t expect the simulator to run smoothly. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I have here your device listed as running a
Snapdragon 430, 3GB Ram on an Adreno 505…

These are very low end components for a smartphone, the absolute minimum I would recommend. Have you always had a laggy play experience?

As the simulator evolves, the device requirements continue to increase, and sadly older and slower devices are going to tell the tale of time.

It may just be that your phone is no longer powerful enough to keep up with the simulator.

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my cell phone was running smoothly before putting the dolls in the cabin, now it runs in the LOW so that locking inside the cabin

Yes. Unfortunately, as I said, the simulator is evolving and becoming more detailed. You should expect that all reworks and future aircraft will be at a higher standard, and unfortunately, slower and older devices are beginning to suffer. We can’t have nice things without making some sacrifices.

For the time being, I’d just recommend using aircraft without the pilots or very detailed cabins. Not preferable, but better than nothing


OK thank you!!

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Yep, these phones are more of the budget phones which are ment to be for lighter games/ lighter use
un-like IF which is very GPU/CPU Intensive.

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Processor in your phone is not powerful enough to handle the detailed graphics in those aircrafts

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