Moto e not supported

I have infinite flight pro on android moto e and in the play store it says not supported but I can still run the app

Thanks niiccoo2

Hello @niiccoo2

Generally, apps you already have installed won’t disappear from your device due to combability changes.
If you uninstall the app, it will unfortunately not be possible to reinstall it on the specific device.

Do you know what device s are supported, why the moto e does not work and if the app will still update?


There are quite a few that are supported. The reason the MOTO E is not, is because it’s running a 32-bit version of Android. Recent versions of Infinite Flight requires 64-bit. Unfortunately future updates will not be available for your device model.

Does this include the moto G Stylus 2021?

Download CPU-Z and check ”Kernel Architecture” under “System”. If it contains something with “64” in it. You’re fine.

Or, if you have 21.1 or later… you’re fine :)

Ok thanks.

Can I still use online mode?

And can I use offline mode


At the moment, yes. But it’s something we will have to disable for older versions in a not too distant future.

So soon I can not use offline mode?

No, I’m afraid the app will cease to function on your device model.

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