Motivation for Grade 5

Oh no.

I really hope BigBert10 dosen’t read this but at least you didn’t put KSFO.

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I have 12x the xp amount for grade 5. Can they put some xp towards the landing LOL

I don’t like the Norcal Region in general that much. But my Favorite airport from there is still SJC. It’d be the airport I like to fly the most to. SFO ain’t bad, and Bert knows that I like his trigger airport but I tend to not fly into Norcal. Often times I pass over and continue to Socal (LAX, Mainly) when coming in from Asia on those Long Hauls. Hence why I’ve racked up 4000+ hours in less than a year of flying :)

Anyways, back on topic, thank you :)

  • It makes me look cool
  • peach is my favorite colour
  • instant respect
  • more Christmas cards
  • ATC don’t ghost Grade 5s

IFATC can ghost anyone if they are not following instructions regardless of grade

He’s joking.


Did the color change discussion ever get resolved? Is gold here to stay?

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Your grade doesn’t show how OP you are, but being grade 5 is an accomplishment. I’m trying since I am basically over the requirements. I just need 54 more landings till grade 5.

Currently I have 968,205xp, 1467.46 hours, 1798 online flights, and 974 landings. I am well over that LOL.

To really pay off the amount of money I spent on this app

tru, do you get monthly or yearly subscriptions.
I use to buy the monthly, but after knowing I fly a lot, buying the year one made more sense.

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You could just be motivated for doing patterns and long hauls, thats the easiest way to do it. I was motivated but now I am fine with grade 4, I had grade 5 for 6 months. I accomplished something lol.

My grade fluxuates a lot. one month i am 3 then 4. But after I passed 150 landings for the month and make one at least everyday I was able to maintain it. At the same time I would lose 1-2 landings every 2-3 days if I wasn’t online.

I’m a Grade 4, but temporarily Grade 3 until next week for an over speed violation. Aside from that, I’m only missing the 250 hour min by 50 hours and the 750 landings by 250.

I don’t like to spend 100$ on an app. So I get monthly then take a break then start all over again

And cheaper!

I got to grade 5 after 4 months of infinite flight, had 0 violations up until 3 days ago and was heartbroken 😭
I was the same looking at the pink tags thinking I want a pink tag it would be cool flying around with one, was cool for the first week and then the novelty wore off
No longer feel the need to fly around with a pink tag to feel good, I just fly for the fun of it now,
I got dropped back to grade 3 for a week tho due to my violations and must admit that hurt a bit flying around with a white tag again for a week😂😂

My last day of grade 4 I did 135 touch and goes to get to grade 5, that was a long day


I used to have motivation for grade 5 but after becoming grade 5 and then the violation/landing ratio thing came, I lost it and it’s like I get there when I get there no rush

I’m a grade 2 player in infinite flight but my pro sub expires on the 29th. I really want to reach grade 3 soon but I don’t have enough time. I don’t know if there is a grade higher than 5 but I want to reach that too but that would be impossible xD (people achieved it already so it is actually possible sorry for the lie xD)

Achieving a higher grade can give me the sense of success.