Motivation for Grade 5

I’m about 50 flight hours and 250 landings from Grade 5. I’m so close, but feels like so far. I’m doing it just to say that I earned the highest level in the game, but wondering other people’s motivation for Grade 5. What’s your reason?


I don’t have any motivation for any grades higher than 3 XD

I just fly and receive a new grade at random, which was basically what happened to me

I have been Grade 3 for a long time but I unexpected received Grade 4 recently because of how often I fly


How about this 😂

LUIS! Do tHe KsJc RiGhT lOoP aNd @BigBert10 wIlL gIvE yOu GrAdE 5


If only I was that powerful XD

Hey Laura, wanna give me admin powers XD


I did it just because when I used to be grade 2/3, I would see that pink name tag, and say “wow, I wish I had that. They must be good.” LOL

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Let’s make a feature request to give @BigBert10 admin😂


Grade 3 is max for me and it probably will be for as long as i play IF. I don’t have the motivation or time to be grade 4/5.

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I’m just short for XP and about 100 landings away from Grade 4

I don’t think I will go out of my way to get from 4 to 5 but anticipate it will happen within 4-5 months based on the number of landings I complete per day.

I am only Grade 3.

Well i saw @Mags885 had Grade 4 once so i really wanted to get Grade 4/5. This was a long time ago

When i was at IFAF he was a real inspiration to me in many ways.


I wanted Grade 4 so I looked good at events and so I could join IFAE.

I’m like 5x the amount for XP for grade 4, but I only have 150 landings…

Grade 5, that’s a dream, a dream of every pilot in Infinite Flight and myself, I’m close to reaching it. What’s keeping back is the 90 landings criteria… but I’ll most likely, and I can say this with confidence that, I’ll reach G5 next year, in first few months. Maybe sooner than I’ve expected.

My motivation for you and everybody else would be the standard, believe in yourself, and trust that you can reach your dreams if you world hard enough, because if you something your all then your bound to win. But we’ve all heard that before, try your best, give it all you got and come one, you can do it. So let me tell you something else.

You said 50 flights left to finish, right? Now take my flights, 1000 in total. You have to 20 times less flights, that’s something you’ll do with ease, because I believe that you can do it. If you can, everyday, little by little explore some short haul routes. That way you will not only fin brand new places to visit but also rack up flights and landings. It’s a great way to explore the hidden gems of our planet by visiting lesser know places, and as you’re doing yourself a favor in the making.

And those 250 landings… They, 50 of them will come by doing these mini adventures on short haul flights and the rest, it’s your choice, Touch n Goes or keep doing short hauls. You can mix em up, that’s what I do, to keep the excitement of flying within me, to always have something to look forward to :)

“No Matter The Challenge, Big Or Small, You’ll Make It Through, If You Really Fight To Achieve Your Goal”

In that sense, If someone really really wants something, they know what they are chasing is pur and true to them, that it isn’t a mistake spending time on it, then they’ll give more 100%, above and beyond their limit to reach it. So Go Forth, and chase that Grade 5 relentlessly, and one day, I can promise you, if you keep on going, then you be on the top of the Grade table and think back at your amazing journey you’ve taken to get there 💪


My motivation for myself, is what’s above, to Never Give Up. I can tell you guys this. On my Phone Case, it actually says Never Give Up. I don’t look at t and receive a boost of confidence, rather jut knowing that the words ar there, they’re a part of me, inside me, that giving is not a option, is enough for to continue on the path, whether it is long or short. I never stop, never give up. It easier said than done for many but if you really do believe in yourself, you know, think ahead of time that 1 week, 1 month, 1 year from now, I’ll be somewhere else, somewhere that will be netter than you life will take a turn for the better. If you don’t trust that you can get somewhere then, you need to reconsider, what are you striving for. So for me, it’s knowing that I, One day, will be at the top, I’ll win no mater what, and even if I don’t reach all the way, I’ll still be happy with what I’ve done to achieve my goal, the path that I took. I’m not far away, but yet I am. Sure, I’ve passed 50% of the work in 1 year, but it doesn’t stop there, the 90 days landings, you gotta keep that above 200 every 3 months and for a as a avid Long Haul pilot, it can be difficult, so for me the challenge is to keep those landing counts up. And for that I’ll keep telling myself, I Never Give Up! Because in the end, I’m suuuper stubborn and I do because of it reach what I had in mind, my goals, I get there, I don’t stop half way. Keep Fighting, Keep Going! 👊


Well said!

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Grade 5 is impossible for me to reach over the couple months of Live subscription I have each year. I’m sure you’ll be able to reach it, but I’ll stick with Grade 4.

Even admins cant adjust the grade. Which is why I am still a grade 3.


I will always strive to eventually become grade 5. However it’s the landings in 90 days that will be the hard bit! Grade 4 is pretty decent though as you get the green tag so you standout a bit more from others!

My motivation used to be that pink tag, as @Pilot_B said, but I’ve lost it recently, because of the work you have to put in. I figured that it’d come with time.

I am currently grade 3, demoted from grade 4 for accidental speeding violations… oops

Just go to KSJC and do T&G in a Southwest 737. That’ll make @BigBert10 happy

Nah, I prefer to fly in and around Europe and Asia. Personally don’t like American Airports that much other than a few classic Bravos like LAX, JFK, MIA, DEN and ATL… I’ve been to SJC once or twice before, but the airport doesn’t look like much fun for me to be in. But I do plan to visit again sometime in the future.

I’ll just stick to my own philosophy, that is to never give up on what you’re doing. And to be honest, I don’t really like doing Touch n goes either, but I tend to mix short hauls (30mins to 2hrs) and Touch n Goes every other week or so :)