Motion sickness!

Are there any rl pilots here that get motion sickness from time to time? Yesterday I was up in a small prop plane and it was windy with winds gusting to 27kts, and very rough turbulence. Combining all of these with very long lasting, wide turns… didn’t feel too great. Are there any techniques to deal with this?


I felt the same way when I started out my training! But to tell you the truth it’s all about how your mind perceives it. Once you know the plane is going to toss you around but you still end up safely getting back on the ground the motion sickness kind of goes out the window. If you like rolls coasters you should be fine. Long story short is about MINDSET



I am a real life pilot and am occasionally prone to motion sickness. On my first few lessons, I had to cut them short due to being sick.
Motion sickness can affect any one, no matter how experienced you are. That being said, your body and inner ear adapt to the motions and 99% of the time, motion sickness is something you “grow” out of.

As far as techniques, open a window and get air moving across your face. Also, find a fixed point off in the distance (like a mountain top, radio tower, building) and focus on it. Looking at the fixed object helps orient your brain to its surroundings.


During a flight lesson, I can get sick if we are bouncing around for like an hour. Other than that I have pretty robust guts.

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Same here, though I was still battling a right ear infection at the same time… so that probably didn’t help. Lol!

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I was in a small plane yesterday around kmkl and didnt so not me.

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I fly here around the Smokies in East TN so it get frequently rough around here.

Yes everyone gets motion sickness. Even us pilots. There’s been times were I’ve gotten motion sickness while I have been flying. It’s just a normal part of flying and just because we’re pilots doesn’t mean we’re not prone to it


This is a problem for me too! The soaring season is during the summer, so each year there’s 6 months of winter where very little flying takes place. Each spring it takes me a little bit to get used to flying and everything again, particularly during long flights.


I used to all the time.

Make sure you are well hydrated.
Eaten well. If possible stay away from fried foods or spicy food.
Try not flying initially at the bumpiest times. Usually early AMs or late PMs air is very smooth and less turbulent.
Proper cockpit ventilation.

Some other minor things
Chew gum. Careful as that my dehydrate you. And trying looking out more


This thread has sparked two questions in me:

  1. What happens when you are, as a certified pilot, flying alone in your little turboprop in bad weather and you get motion sickness? How do you concentrate enough to make a landing or emergency landing?

  2. Can you get motion sickness while flying on commercial aircrafts like the B737 or B787?

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Well what I’d do is open the window and make myself vomit. No joke, just get that out of the way. Next I land :) I don’t know about the 737 or 787 though because those guys have a lot of flex that absorbs turbulence.

To address your two points:

  1. just keep flying. The great thing about being at the controls is that if you’re the one making the motion happen, Air sickness is less likely. Now, with turbulence this obviously is out of your control, but again being at the stick makes it not as bad. If you do get sick, though, have a safety pilot take controls if you have one. Or, just go ahead and throw up and get it out of the way. In any situation, you have to keep flying, no matter what. You could also divert to a nearby field if it got too bad
  2. I take Dramamine on every commercial flight I go on. Again, this goes back to being at the controls. The Dramamine used to be for motion sickness, not is just to sleep through the flight because flying is boring as a PAX.

Hopefully these answers provide some insight!

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Well what I’d do is open the window and make myself vomit.

Gotta suggest against this one. You will absolutely get more vomit in the plane than out of it. Just carry a SicSac and you’ll be good

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All you have to do is be at the rear end (of the window) when you spill so that the airflow carries it backwards ;)

But then you have to wash vomit off the side of your plane haha

Eh just let it dry on as a trophy

Do you speak from experience or that’s what you think will happen because I am 2-2 when two different pax on two different flights got sick and opened that window on the c172 and started to barf. 70 % of flew to the back seat back rest and the rest all along the right side of to plane.

Plane had to power washed as there were chunks on the horizontal stab and wing struts.

Partially from experience. I took a huge sip of rotten drink and spat it out the window such that my lips were outside of the plane touching the aft edge of the window. Nothing in the back seat ;)

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The first time I went up in a prop plane (Cessna 182) I felt extreme motion sickness. Mostly nausea.