Mother's Day Flight to Columbia, California

This past weekend for Mother’s Day my brother and I took our family out to a historic gold rush town called Columbia, near Yosemite. This was my Dad’s first time flying in a small plane and my Mom’s second. We even took up our puppy too who somehow managed to sleep for a majority of the flight :D

Initially we were planning to go to Monterey but the fog was still lingering around in the afternoon so we switched to plan B and went to Columbia. Columbia worked out well since a couple friends already flew in earlier in the day. We walked around town, met up with them, then went out for some formation flying.

Here’s a video and some pictures from the last Sunday.


Equipment used:

GoPro Hero 4 Silver
Canon 5D MkIV
Canon 28-135
Canon 70-200


Amazing content as always dude. Well done! Looks like it was a beautiful day. 😊


Awesome editing! Was this your first time formation flying, or have you already had experience with it?

Nice shots! Where did the citation come from?

Amazing video, looks awesome!

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That dog is seriously cute. Nice video guys :)


That was a sweet thing you and your brother planned for mothersday. Cute dog

Thanks Matt! Weather was perfect and parents loved it (especially my Dad for his 1st time) so it was a great trip all around!

Still looking to take you up one day, shoot me a text next time you’re in town :D

Thanks! I’ve flown formation a few times in the past for air to air shoots, they’re pretty fun and safe if everybody’s coordinated and does a brief before the flight.

Thanks, it came from so-cal where it’s based

thanks @Ryan_Vidad @SkyHighGuys

we are training the puppy for a non-profit called CCI where she’ll eventually help disabled people if she passes all her exams. she’s changed over the past couple months for sure tho!


I wish I could be @cleipelt.

No problem. Just carious? How did a citation keep up with the mooney?

We were flying a Bonanza not a Mooney. It was able to keep up just fine with some flaps.

Ah apologies! When you think bout it, you don’t realize a piston single can keep up with a jet that has flaps down!

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