Mother Nature Strongly Despises Me @ KDCA

Kamryn, avert your eyes

Hey everyone! So, yesterday I went down to Gravelly Point to catch the departures of both the American Airlines PSA Retro livery, and the WN 50 Years of Disneyland livery. It was cold, though I was able to feel my feet and hands, so an improvement over last time. Thats about where the good stuff ends. It was super gloomy, and not even the cool type of gloomy. The clouds were not layered, etc, and instead were just one giant blanket of gray. It offered a horrible background for my photos. The only other cool things is that I made friends with seagulls. In order to kinda sorta make these photos postable, I had to do so much selective editing, and around 30 of the 350 photos I took ended up being editable. Well, enjoy these shots that contain zero contrast

First up is a Delta E170 blasting off of 33, bound for JFK probably

Next up is a Southwest plane destroying my eardrums

An AA CRJ-7 that took off a tad late followed the WN

Another departure off of 33 is this CRJ-7 off to Lansing, MI

The first special of the day is the PSA A319, still smiling, even though its destination is LaGuardia

After the smiley plane was this CRJ-550 making its way to Newark

I just love Canyon Blue. It’s one of the few non-eurowhite liveries, making it 10x easier to edit

Speaking of bad liveries, this CRJ-7 is off to Jacksonville

Another WN aircraft blessing my eyes with its amazing colors

The final photo of this topic is a bad one. The 50 Years livery zooming out of DCA for Jacksonville as well

Thats all folks, I hope you didn’t throw up. I’m debating wether to potentially freeze off my hands by trying to catch JB’s I Heart NY livery. Let me know what I should do, and if you had a favorite photo from today :)


Spotting Gear

Nikon D3300
55-200mm f4-f5.6

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Mother nature might despise you but the variety definitely doesn’t! Great shots of a big array of liveries and nice contrast!


why does dca have no service to ISP


Nice spotting! I’m guessing it rained on you pretty good. I like the American airlines PSA retro
Livery,it’s pretty nice!


Because We’re too good for them ;) (We=ISP, Them=DCA) Lol.

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Amazing pics @Aviation108!

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So close, yet so far 😮‍💨, amazing shots man! Always love to see DCA spots

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You don’t see the hundreds of AA E175’s and CRJ’s ;)


because we’re too far above you on the airport tier list. ISP is somewhere below F tier, while DCA is somewhere near the very top

Nope, no rain except for a bit in the middle of the night. Just super overcast. And thanks!




Oh my word, it’s… It’s extraordinary!

Wingtips!!! It is possible!

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Amazing lightning on that first one! Nice topic as always.

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ikr, i think vegas is probably on a different planet, where physics are nonexistent, and planes can fly without wings.

Thanks Felix!


Great topic! But I have one question. Can you spot at Dulles? Because they have the big boys, or is it not in a good place to spot

Those shots are absolutely beautiful! Glad you endured the frigid weather

The best pic:) jk all of them are great

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Very cool photos! Best one has got to be the Canyon Blue photo.

There are plenty of places to spot at Dulles, but I just haven’t gotten around to it :)

Thanks! Wasn’t as cold as last time ;)

Thanks! I was getting mobbed by birds of all sorts

b i R B

Thanks! I wholeheartedly believe that Canyon Blue is better than Heart.


I love all the Southwest airplanes and the Delta at the top.

I have an avgeek friend who is in Washington and at some point I’m going to visit him and try spotting at DCA. It looks so cool!

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Ooh, cool. And thanks!

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Awesome pics! Love all the Southwest :)

Hey, we did, I flew it a few years ago on a US Airways CRJ 200. Shame it never came back


ISP is not worthy.