(Mostly) Regional action at TNCC.

Second time spotting at the new observation deck at Curacao Hato Airport.
July 13th 2019. (All photos uploaded in chronological order.)

First up is an Avianca Colombia A320-214 N538AV departing to Bogota(SKBO).

Next up is an Air Antilles ATR42-500 F-OIXD taxiing to the stand after having just arrived from Aruba(TNCA), Air Antilles’ flights between the Dutch Caribbean are operated on behalf of Winair so the flights are marketed and operated as Winair flights.

Following is a Divi Divi Air DHC-6-300 Twin Otter PJ-DVD resting after also arriving from Aruba(TNCA).

Here we have that same Air Antilles ATR departing to St. Maarten(TNCM). (Again, flying on behalf of Winair)

Shortly after the Divi Divi Air Twin Otter departed to Bonaire(TNCB) a company BN-2 Islander PJ-SKY arrived from that same airport.

After a while a Copa Airlines Colombia ERJ-190LR HK-4453 arrived from Panama City(MPTO).

And just as the Copa E190 parked, an Aruba Airlines CRJ-200LR C-FXLH(Modelled in IF) arrived from Aruba(TNCA).


Wide shot of the apron.

Photo from my first time spotting at the new observation deck that didn’t make to my first spotting post on the forum.

Thanks for watching, hopefully I’ll catch the KLM 747 and TUI 787 the next time I’m spotting.
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Nice spots!

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Thanks a bunch!

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Nice photos! I saw that exact ATR at SXM on the same day. (If that day was yesterday).

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Sadly the E190 will be retired soon from their fleet 😞 I’m surprised that the Copa Airlines Colombia livery is still painted in that airplane, the brand is now discounted 🤨

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Probably because as you mentioned it’s being retired, and it’s similar enough that they just kept it to save money…

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That’s cool! And yes this was yesterday.

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That’s sad, the E-190 has been workhorse for Copa for many years. And if I’m not mistaken the Copa Colombia brand will just be replaced by Wingo

That is correct. Copa Colombia has been loosing a lot of money in the recent years prior to the announcement of Wingo in November-December 2016. Just like Copa Colombia, Wingo is part of Copa Holdings.

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They don’t call this the best plane spotting spot in the world for nothing. I wish I was there

I love the Copa Airlines 😁🇵🇦🇵🇦🇵🇦


I think you’ve confused the ICAO codes of my airport with that of St. Maarten’s (TNCM). 😅

Nice pictures! What camera are you using?

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Sony A6400

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