Most Unique Airports In America

This topic I made to discuss about the most unique airports located in America. Major or decently sized airports are preferred, but of course we can always talk about the tiny airports also.

In my opinion, JFK is the most unique airport in the US. It has 6 terminals and is about 15 miles (if you take the highway) from midtown Manhattan. It has many international airlines, mostly from Europe, and is one of the leading international airports for International cargo. I don’t have a picture on me of JFK, but the architecture of the airport is absolutely breathtaking!


I’d say KORD is pretty unique. The 5020292 runways are quite something. Am I correct in assuming it’s due to the very variable wind?


Definitely a unique and windy approach on IF :). I agree with you :) @MishaCamp

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JFK in my opinion is a unique airport, not just because of the 4 runways or the 6 ternimals but because it’s a great airport to spot loads of different planes. But the bad thing is that it is crouded a lot.
Well, what can you expect from an airport so big…

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Atlanta’s Hartsfield Jackson International Airport
5 Runways
6.8 million square feet in total terminal space
Features multiple domestic and international terminal buildings along with 7 concourses
3 cargo complexes
Georgia’s largest employer, with more than 63,000 airline, ground transportation, concessionaire, security, federal government, City of Atlanta and Airport tenant employees.
10 miles from metro Atlants
6 eleven car “Plane Trains” operating in a 3 mile loop connecting all terminals and concourses
38 airlines
Within a two hour flight of 80% of the U.S.'s population
150 destinations in U.S.
more than international 75 destinations in 50 countries
Averages 275,000 passengers a day
2,500 departures and arrivals each day. That’s more than 100 departures and arrivals every hour. About every 30 seconds a plane is taking off or landing
Generates $34.8 billion for Atlanta



A tautologous thread if ever I saw one :)


Outstanding airport. Beautiful view on approach ends. River 4 arrival is one of the words coolest approaches. Beautiful view of pentagon, Washington monument, and downtown D.C. Anyone from the west coast has the ability to see KIAD from above also. Amazing approach from 01 by coming over the water. Departing 01 requires an immediate bank because of the Flight Restriction over D.C. This is one of my favorite airports.


I think FLL or EYW.

FLL because it’s a approach over the big beaches, the city, and the large beautiful suburbs west of the airport. The airport also has a colorful variety of movements!
EYW because it’s another beautiful approach over the turquoise water and the old-fashioned somewhat Cuban style city of Key West. The runway is less than 5,000 feet and there are no jet bridges, the airport is small but cool.

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KEDW, It have a lot of runways + It got the longest runway (30000ft)

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Let’s not forget the two graves on RWY10 at Savannah GA’s KSAV.

Photo Credit: USA Today


Yeah especially sense it goes 123457 where’s 6!? IF glitch? I don’t know but it makes it unique lol.

MaxSez: Any unimproved runway in the mountains. Only the bold should dare!
Trash Haulers need not apply! GA all the way!


What are graves? How are they used?

No no, those are actual graves. Two people are buried there. When they expanded the RWY it encroached on these two peoples’ resting place, so they made those markers for them.

I think the most unique airport in america is… SAEZ. It’s in america.

Denver International Airport

They have great architectural style and the biggest airport in the whole country. Runway design to which traffic could never be interrupted, the longest runway in the country. Awesome future!!! And room to grow.

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Am I the only one who would like to be buried in a runway? :\


Well, The only reason I wouldn’t is they might move the airport and destory the runway and put something else there and there is a million possibilities that could be put there and I dont wanna take that risk

Yeah good point @MJL_Productions

I do find Monterey Regional Airport in Cali interesting. It’s small but the two major airlines, American and United, fly there from LA and San Fran (I think). It’s small and nice. The approach was awesome and it reminded me of Tegucigalpa in Honduras. (I’ve been to Honduras but not Tegucigalpa)

Another unique one is Washington Dulles as the terminals have to be reached with those airport bus transport things. You know them.