Most unique airport you have flown into in real life

I was just wondering about the most unique airports people have flown to in real life. If you have one make sure to comment. :)

*If this is an active thread already tell me and I will have it shut down. Thx


Kona, that airport is amazing 🤤


I have to agree with @NoahM with Kona


I was going to fly into that airport but the current circumstances prevented that.

London Heathrow, simply because of the mass quantity of Aircraft and the length of walking I had to do to get from Terminal 2 to the exit

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I have never been there but I have seen how busy it is and jeez

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We had to circle for almost two hours because of how busy it was during Christmas (I understand we could of been circling for a much longer time though)

Two hours. Wow that is a long time

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Going to have to agree here, it’s literally just a straw hut village that happens to have a runway attached.

Changi was also very unique in its own right, no other comes close in terms of quality.

Also Newark. The only airport where a 2 hour delay is considered a great day.


Well it’s not that unique, but Toronto Pearson is definitely one of the best airports in the world, pretty large and the lounges are great.

Newark is also a “unique” airport I’ve been to, but not in a good way… definitely the “gloomiest” airport I have been to. Just really dull, there’s no liveliness like in other large airports such as SFO.

Yeah I want to fly to sia someday

As said above, the beauty of landing at Changi at night, with the streaking lights of Singapore!

Never been to Toronto but I agree with you on Newark

Yeah that airport even has a pool which is just amazing

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Pearson’s T1 is really nice, but T3 is kind of ghetto looking


Kona is great. HNL is also great. Love flying out of those airports

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Yeah they both seem like cool airports

Definitely John Wayne Airport because of the noise abatement procedures on takeoff.

I’ve only been to the international terminal and the one where US-bound flights depart from (not sure if they’re different because of the pre-clearance at YYZ for the US), so I think that’s T1

What are the procedures?