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Infinite Flight has 960 aircraft/livery combinations. Some are used more than others. I decided to showcase some liveries I think are sorely underused .

Let’s kick this off with the Royal Nepal Airways 757. I love the colors on the tail, as well as how the aircraft features the carrier’s name in both English and Nepalese.

The Boeing 737-900 in the “Factory” livery is always a fun one.

Prepare your eyes for this one… The MyAir CRJ-1000 is quite something. Can you figure out what airport this is?

I personally am a big fan of the El AL 737-800 livery, but never really see it being used. If you’re looking for a route to use this on, I’d highly recommend checking out Tel Aviv - Cairo. Israel and Egypt both have amazing scenery, as well as the epic ocean views out over the water between the two countries.

We’re going retro with this one. I really like the look of this Olympic Air 747-200. This is taking off from Athens a few weeks ago, bound for Paris.

A much newer plane is this Senegal A330neo, over the Alaskan mountains. I know they don’t fly to Alaska, but the scenery is cool. @United403 summon for the butter machine

On the E190, we have this gorgeous Amazonas livery, which is fun for short haul South American flying. Lots of very nice 3D airports down there too, especially in the Brazilian jungle.

Last but not least, the Private MD-11 @Topgottem summon, pictured on departure from Kangerlussuaq, Greenland.

Which of these underrated liveries is your favorite?

  • Amazonas E190
  • El Al 737-800
  • Olympic Air 747-200
  • Senegal Air A330neo
  • Private MD-11
  • Factory 737-900
  • Royal Nepal Airways 757
  • MyAir CRJ-1000
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MD-11 is always underrated


yEs i CaN🤓🤓

iTs MaDrId BaRaJaS aIrPoRt

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Very nice pics though

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Incorrect 😉

It isn’t nessasarily an airport they serve in real life…

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oh shoot well…

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hint pls? <‘snansn>

Gonna have to go with EL AL for me personally, awesome livery. I miss seeing the 747-400 at Newark, it was always a treat when it would sub in for the then normal 777 service.

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You already know what I’m picking.


This country is known for some very famous geometric shapes…

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Qatar Amiri B748 (Totally not bias)

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It is Cairo and didn’t even use the hint 💪

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Good job, Mr. Missouri Man. Have a cookie 🍪

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Not as underrated as the non-KC DC-10s.


The purolator livery on the dc-10f is extremely underused, I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen anyone use the livery.


I used it 3 days ago :)