Most turbulent Private flight to NY

Welcome to my first ever Private trip report!

Make sure your tray tables are up, and make sure you’re buckled in reeeeaaaal tight, as we’re going to have one heck of a bumpy ride!

Today, I flew on a Baron 58, a twin prop airplane that can seat four people.

Today we flew to Albany from Manchester, NH. They ferried the plane from PSM to MHT so they can pick us up.

Leg 1: MHT-ALB

We got up at 6am, left around 6:20am to arrive at the airport at the Signature FBO.

We arrived at signature on time, and our pilots were there waiting for us, as they have just flown in from PSM.
we were briefed on the flight stuff as well as how it will be a bumpy ride.

6:55am | Takeoff
We taxied onto the runway and we were cleared for takeoff.
The takeoff was rather really fast, as we had a headwind, which also made it very turbulent due to the winds. The plane rocked pretty hard when we took off.

Cruising was uneventful most of the ride, only when approached Albany did it get turbulent again.
It was nice seeing the sunrise come up.

Landing and disembarking
We landed with a crosswind, which made for a bumpy landing.
We taxied off the runway and made our way to Million air FBO.

Our pilots helped us get off the airplane, and they told us that they wished the winds weren’t here today

Spending the day in albany
We spent the day in Albany, and after our time in Albany, we then called the pilots back and were told that the plane would be ready by 1pm

Leg 2: ALB-MHT

We returned to Million air FBO in Albany, as they were just pulling our plane out of the hanger. The pilots informed us that they will try and get things done and quick.

just hanging around the FBO

At 12:50pm, we began our journey to the airplane. We got on, pilots started both engines, and we taxied to the runway.
Before we took off, as per protocol, the pilots did a quick run up before departing.

1:10pm | Takeoff
We departed after a United Express CRJ200 departed in front of us.
The takeoff was very smooth, no bumps at all. In fact, half the trip was uneventful…

…Up until nearing NH

Cruising, turbulence, and descent
We cruised with no issues. That is, until we reached New Hampshire.
Because NH is mountainous, the winds were fierce. It’s as if the weather really hated us today.

It was really windy, to the point where we were being tossed all over the place, in fact, everyone jumped up, including the pilots.

I was a little bit nervous, but I had a lot of confidence in the pilots, as I myself have actually flown a C172 in winds and during the landing phase, we actually dropped a good couple of feet due to the winds as I was landing. But that’s another story for another day

As we descended into Manchester, the winds were really whipping us around.
Landing and disembarking
Landing was very turbulent. I felt like the weather just didn’t like us today at all.
We landed and taxied over to signature FBO.
We all disembarked normally. The pilots were very apologetic about the winds, but I told them that the winds just didn’t like us today.
We all laughed it off, I tried to give them a tip, but they declined.
I gave them my upmost respect for their epic piloting skills.
The truly was a rollercoaster ride.

All In all, it was a great flight, aside from the turbulence. I’d definitely fly again, but on a less winder day haha. Thanks for viewing, sorry for the lack of photos, I took video instead.

Now I can safely say that I have flown private, and Chartered a plane!

United Express CRJ200 taxiing for takeoff at ALB.


Very nice trip report I’m glad you liked your flight!

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