Most Stressful Flight

When I fly into any ATC featured airport

Funchal, Madeira when it was so busy the ATC had about 20 aircraft in a holding pattern above the sea and you had literally only 2nm spacing between you and the next aircraft approaching… Landing after the hard approach and then speeding from the runway, but not having a parking spot on the small ramp


landing at airport that had 15kts of winds then gusting 30kts. Somehow i greased the landing

Same happened to me when I was in Taiwan, luckily no Laura on final 😅

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Zadar-Amsterdam. Had to divert to Innsbruck due to 713267313kt crosswinds :/. Then continued Ams and my airplanes fuel cri.


U ok seems like a lot of wind n😅

Hmm I think you should check the weather, charge your device, check traffic, turn on the airconditing so your phone wont be too hot, make sure you have enough feul for your flight and avoid terrian.
Is that gonna help? I hope it’ll hep most of you like me, cuz I have these problemes all the time. But I know who to fix it, but if you don’t want to waste your time doing these things then you’ll have the most stressful flight ever!

So please make your fine for a flight.

Ok bye Kind regards,
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Yesterday at EPWA… I was asked to turn heading 160 and the atc forgot about me causing me to fly 60nm-80nm away from the airport and then I have to be vectored for an hour cause there were a lot of aicrafts…

When kai tak was featured and there was a really long traffic causing 3-5 planes (including mine) to do holding pattern for 10 minutes. 2nm from the runway I have to go around since someone took too long to exit the runway

RJTT-RPLL should only take 4 hours but I have to be vectored for 30 minutes, then when I was 1nm from touching down the atc asked an aircraft to line up causing me to go around and be vectored again for 30 minutes 😀 After that I took a break from flying for 3 days

Thanks for reading my skillful English


That’s…that’s unfortunate 😂

It happened to me yesterday too 🤣 I was flying to EPGD and while descending via STAR controller vectored me to intercept localizer and glideslope and instructed me to descend and maintain 4000ft. I was ready for a turn to begin final approach and that was the moment I knew the controller forgot about me 😆 Ended up not so far away from the airport, but I must admit - this was kinda stressful, but not as much as my first flight on Expert Server

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The atc must’ve been so busy which made them distracted and forget about us 😂

HNL - YSSY because Honolulu had around 150 planes on the ground and a constant flow of arrivals, it took me almost 2 hours to takeoff

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Idk but always suck at doing go arounds lol i panic!

When you’re on final and the winds change from 12 knots to 14 knots to 16 knots to 12 in less than 2 seconds and the cycle repeats.

Flying a demo without practice. If you fly airshows in IF, you will realize the importance of practice 😂

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Flying an md11 from memphis to dubai ( to be honest i want to fly it to cologne but the tailwind mess up my scheduling, so i push the md11 hard to dwc with 3% of fuel remaining)


my first long haul. Worried my ipad battery was about to die.
I told myself i was never doing a long haul again and now i do 2-4 a week

For me, it was KDEN - KASE, heavy turbulence all flight. I stalled in the final approach due to its steepness, and landing: late + hard = horrible

I had 260@28G41KT at Rhodes once 💀💀

That’s why I always leave my phone charging. But my mom once unplugged my charger and my phone died 70% through the 10hrs flight