Most Stressful Flight

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I wanted to know what the most stressful flight for you was,

Factors to consider

  • Terrain

  • Heavy Traffic

  • Fuel remaining

  • Something like your device battery is going to run out

  • Your phone getting too hot

  • Weather



Kathmandu to Paro where I had to land with an 11kt crosswind - that…that was not fun 😂


The other day I had to divert from Mykonos to Santorini and I had no idea what to do!


Last year when Atlanta was so freaking busy

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  • Earthquake happening while on final, with Laura waiting to line up. 😨

Last year there was an event at Heathrow with like 200 rivals and while 3 miles out from landing wind direction completely shifted during a 22kt cross wind

pgum to rjff in had 25knots of crosswind on landing

the most stressful flight is always when I get these ridiculous long circly vectors and ATC tells me to follow instructions or get reported

or when ATC tells me to descend to a stupidly low altitude and tells me to expedite rate of altitude change, and when I do it very slowly they make me continue going downwind until i have reached their altitude of 2000 feet when im 100 NM away from the airport then circle back flying at 2000 feet for 30 minutes

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When Keflavik featured in the schedule and landed with a 45 kt crosswind in the 757

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Short runway. It was an A319 landing in Paro with 15kn crosswinds…

And this…
EHAM 070725Z 32025G35KT 9999 FEW017TCU BKN020 BKN030 06/02 Q1013 NOSIG

Landing will be a nightmare

Landing with only 100kg of fuel left…

Bergen almost always has some pretty bad weather

Wait…does an earthquake in reality have an effect on the game?

I flew with A320 to Paro yesterday and had 18 knots gusting to 26 knots. I didn’t go around, the landing was smooth but it was very stressing.

This just happened to me, areiving at a busy airport, busy following the atc instrustions when my parents calls me and tells me to get to the kitchen and grab something.

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That’s not as bad as I have seen in the real world 👏🏽

Real ATIS that has lines and lines and lines of weather

Flying a spitfire is worse than anything anyone has mentioned…

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when that weather issue happened and I was attempting to land with an 83kt crosswind at madrid