Most Scenic Route?

Does anyone know any very scenic route that is about 2hrs? If so can you please tell me the route to fly?

Many thanks! -900

Auckland to Queenstown!
Around 1hr 55 mins


From KATL-KEWY (Key West) is a fun route. Operated by a DL 737-700 (you would use the 738), there is a scenic approach into the Florida Keys. The landing at KEWY is also cool because it is an extremely short runway.
Yes, this flight is an IRL flight, and KEWY does take DL 737’s.


Thank you! By any chance do you have a specific route I have to fly?

I do not have a pre-made flight plan. However, you can go to SimBrief and generate one there!

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Cool! Thank you guys for the response guys!

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Alaska’s Milk Run!!!


LFPG LIRF. That is a very nice route

Vienna to Geneva

Los Angeles to Denver. You fly right by the Grand canyon and some of the rocky mountains :)

I will definitely try out these routes! Thanks guys!

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KPHX-KSEA: the desert in the US is beautiful And if your fpl permits, you can overfly the Grand Canyon!
Recommended aircraft: United 737-800 or Southwest 737-700

KSEA-PANC, see Canada’s beautiful mountain ranges and the North Atlantic(?) Sea.
Recommended aircraft: Alaska 737-800

PANC-PHNL: it’s a watery flight, but when you get to Hawaii it’s amazing!
Recommended aircraft: Alaska 737-900ER

PHNL-POGG: the Hawaiian islands are amazing!
Recommended aircraft: TBM930

KJFK-KPHX: You can see the blending between the desert and the northern forests amazingly here!
Recommended aircraft: delta 737-900ER

amazing European scenery!
Recommended aircraft: KLM 737-700 OR British Airways A320

again, mostly water, but Iceland is amazingly beautiful!
Recommended aircraft: WOW A320, WOW A330, or Icelandair 757

as you can see, I’m a fan of deserts 😂


Second choice for the Milk Run, I’m going be doing it next week really excited to do it


Highly Recommend BKPR - LGKR in the TBM (around 1h varies due to aircraft selection)

Really Beautiful Scenery!

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Now thats a good one. I recommend it too

I recommend anything crossing the Rockies/Sierra Nevada.

KLGB-KHDN for 1-2.5 hours

East coast to West Coast for the rest.

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KSFO-KLAS is an amazing route!

KSEA - PAJN is one of the most scenic. It is a little over 2 hours, but not much.

Aspen (ASE)-DEN (DEN) is very scenic especially if you fly bellow FL200

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