Most Scenic Flight You’ve Flown in IF?

What is the most scenic flight that you’ve flown in Infinite Flight!

I know this is similar to your favorite flight, but my favorite flight to do is between SEA-SFO (Every Thursday I fly it) but the most scenic in my opinion was a flight from Honolulu to Hilo where I flew over the volcanoes of Maui and the Big Island

Mines will have to be from Vietnam 🇻🇳 to Kuala Lumper

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The most scenic flight that I have flown certainly has to be from Queenstown, New Zealand (NZQN) to Auckland, New Zealand (NZAA).

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Oh yes forgot about that one

KORD (Chicago) to PANC (Anchorage)

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Sydney to Melbourne has some great views!! Most scenic would be anywhere around south east Asia!

KSEA-PAJN. It is not only one of the most scenic routes in Infinite Flight, it’s also my personal favorite. This scenic route will take you from Seattle with its famous Mt. Rainier to the beautiful city of Juneau, Alaska. From snowy mountains to large glaciers, to its crystal blue waters.

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I just flew to Ketchikan Alaska today. It’s great. Juneau is also great, as @PilotDog said, and I know @Butter_Boi and @Jack_Q can easily relate.

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Probably LOWW-LOWI
You can see big lakes and plains, mountains and big cities in 1 hour of flight

Probably egll-vhhh in a Cathay 77W, great view of the Himalayas

Well, as an European flying leisure routes, that sounds a bit obvious to everyone close to that matter, but my favourite is LSZH-LEPA (Zurich to Palma de Mallorca).

Departing from Zurich, climbing across magnificent Switzerland along the Alps toward Geneva, then onwards, all the way along the alps through France and toward Marseille and the fantastic coastal areas. After around 30 minutes over the Mediterranean it’s approach time, turning in either over the main part of the island enjoying the views or over the northern mountain range and then in a left turn over the bay on the western side of the island.

The scenery is always fantastic and the flight itself is fantastic as well!

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EHAM - FACT (Amsterdam - Cape Town) easily had to be the most beautiful flight I’d ever flown, crossing the Alps, then the Mediterranean and the Sahara Desert, followed by the exotic forests and scenery in South Africa.

This weekend, if you plan it and time it right(depart at sunrise in EHAM), you’re in for a major treat this weekend (ATC could be open at both airports). I’ll post pics later.


Probably NZQN-NZHS

My most scenic one was Queenstown in New Zealand to Auckland 🇳🇿

Gatwick to Tirana- most stunning approach 😍

Mine was OMDB-FAOR
Beginning in the nice city scenery of Dubai and then the deserts of the middle-East.
And finally the steppe and the savannah of Africa

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